This is the meeting format that occurs on about 3 out of 4 weeks.The timing varies slightly depending on numbers but the order is fairly consistent
6:55 am - Arrival. Get breakfast from buffet. Typically there is bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, yougurt and potatoes with occasional sausages, french toast, pancakes and other items.
              Coffee, tea and juice are always available
7:10 - Stretch exercises,
         - Why we are here?
       - 90 second infomercials. Everyone is expected to do an infomercial with guests going last
7:45 - 10 minute break 
       - 50/50 ticket sales. Members only please.
7:55 - 10 minute presentation by a member
8:05 - Lead slips are handed out. A lead is: a dance (coffee with another member), a 3rd party, a first party or ongoing (first of the month for things like insurance, chiropractic etc)
8:15 - 50/50 draw
8:20 - Lead prize draw. The presenter provides a gift of aproximately $25 and the winner is drawn from the lead slips.
8:30 - Meeting over
9:00 - The room is available until 9:00 so feel free to stay and network.

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